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  Long distance moves

Where will MHM move me?
Anywhere in the state of Texas as long as it starts or ends near the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Meaning we will move you from El Paso to Dallas or Dallas to El Paso. Sometimes we have trucks heading somewhere and can piggy back a shipment from say Austin to Houston if we already have a truck in the area. Give us a call or email and let us know when your move date is!

What size truck will I need?
24ft truck
Moves large 2 bedroom small 3 bedroom homes
Moves 10x20 storage units
Average 1200-1600sqft
38ft truck
Moves large 3 bedroom small 4 bedroom homes
Moves 10x30 storage units
Average 1800-2200sqft
48ft truck
Sent out as 2-24' trucks
Moves large 4 bedroom small 5 bedroom homes
Moves 10x40 storage units
Average 2400-3200sqft
72ft truck
Sent out as 3-24' trucks
Moves large 5 bedroom small 4 bedroom homes
Moves 10x60 storage units
Average 3400-4500sqft

How long will it take to move?
  Every move is different but we generally like to do the move all in one day. Load as early as we can drive straight to the unload and head back home. Now on really long moves around 300+ miles its easier to load the day before and deliver the next morning to give our crews a chance to rest. Call or email us today and give us your moving details and we will do what we can to make this move as easy as possible for you.

Whats the cost?
Crew & Truck Size
Day Of Week
Round Trip Min
Millage Rate
Load/Unload Time
2 Men & 24ft Truck
300 miles
400 miles
4 Men & 2-24ft Trucks
300 miles
400 miles
4 Men & 3-24ft Trucks
300 miles
400 miles
Size truck (x) Number of miles (+) Hours to load/unload = Total cost of move
  • Included on every move
  • Clock starts/ends at your location, NOT our warehouse.
  • Trained in-house employees, NO Day Labor.
  • Tools, Dollies & Shrink Wrap.
  • Break down and set up of furniture and appliances.
  • Signed contract listing all charges.

  How the charge works for out of towns.

Calculating Mileage from Mckinney to San Antonio:
Millage starts at our warehouse 3600 Bell Drive 76053
MHM to Mckinney = 51 miles
Mckinney to San Antonio = 306 miles
San Antonio to MHM = 279 miles
Total miles driven = 636 miles

Calculating Load/Unload Time:
Crew arrives in Mckinney - Clock Starts.
Crew finishes loading in Mckinney - Clock Stops.
Crew drives to San Antonio.
Crew arrives at unload in San Antonio. - Clock Starts.
Crew finishes unload - Clock Stops.

Lets use the example of a 2 man crew with a 24ft truck on weekday pricing.

Mileage Charge:
636 miles round trip @ $2/mile

Load/Unload Charge:
Load = 3 hours
Unload = 2 hours
Total charge 5 hours @ $89/hr

Estimated Total Move Cost = $1,717.00


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